Nov '22


Incremental Progress

In an effort to stay current with this most successful blogging adventure yet, I've decided to just throw something quick together. I don't want to leave 2022 out in the cold with no new posts, after all.

So this will be quick, shallow, and probably obvious. But it's something I've been appreciating more and more lately. Specifically: just doing a little bit. Repeatedly, over time.

A Small Step

It takes just one small step to make progress.

Many times, as I consider everything that needs to happen to complete a task, or reach a goal, I find myself feeling overwhelmed. I might think, "there's just too much to do before it pays off", or I may not know where to start or what to do next.

But at the risk of stating the obvious: just do a little. It's at least something, which is way better than nothing!

Eventually, enough small steps have been made that something tangible comes from the effort, and from there it becomes easier to keep building on that. This applies to pretty much any kind of long term goal like learning a new skill, improving your health, or even running a blog in a dusty corner of the internet.

Cheers, I guess

That's it for now. Maybe the future will see an increased posting frequency, who knows.

Just be sure to remember: even the smallest bit of progress is an infinite increase over zero progress.



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