Over the years, as my interests and free time ebb and flow, I've worked on many different projects that I'm very proud of.

Open Source

Open source technology powers so much and opens the door to so many possibilities. An incredible wealth of information is available for anyone to learn from. Interact with and contribute to inspiring communities. There is so much opportunity to be had with the sharing of code, and with it knowledge.

I am not a prolific open source contributor by any means, but I enjoy sharing my code and helping out when I can.


A Go language port of the Twig templating language.

GitHub Repository


Self-hosted Composer repositories with GitHub and GitLab integration.

GitHub Repository

Docs Website


An IRC bot with a Javascript scripting engine.

GitHub Repository

Docs Website

Model Rocketry

Strapping electronics to a model rocket and watching it fly away, never to be seen again. Is there any hobby more satisfying?


An Arduino based rocket transponder with GPS tracking and a graphical interface.

GitHub Repository

EVE Online

Spreadsheets in space!


A web application, application server, CLI, and library for experimenting with EVE Online data.

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