Feb '17


New squIRCy2 Website

Over the last few months, I've been working on improving and extending squIRCy2, a scriptable and customizable IRC bot written in Go. Today I'm pleased to announce a much improved new website:


References, Examples, and more

squIRCy2's new website is served using GitHub pages and includes a JavaScript API Reference, Events Reference, Examples, and Customizing and Contributing Guidelines. This mirrors the documentation in the source code repository but presents it in a much more useful format than the old site which just concated the markdown files and rendered them with markdown-to-html.

Improvements Abound

squIRCy2's feature-set has increased significantly, now supporting webhooks (thanks @gdchamal!), HTTPS and BasicAuth for the web interface, better IRC connection handling, and improved vanilla JavaScript support. A few performance issues have also been resolved, fixing hung connections, and overall improving squIRCy2's response to in-program events.

Check it out

If you're looking for an IRC bot, I think squIRCy2 is a great choice. Check it out!



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