Dec '14


On change and permanence

In one week's time, I'll be leaving San Diego county. I wonder when, even if, I'll return.

I came here and fell in love. Granted, my now wife and I were already together. But our isolation forced us to look at eachother and our relationship. We've leaned on eachother. We've argued. We've cried. We lost one of our closest friends. We gained a beautiful son. We have grown together in very many ways. We've struggled, fought, made up, and learned to forgive.

I came here and fell in love. In love with North County. In love with the people, the streets, the trees, the greenery that surrounds the coast. I fell in love with the ocean coming into view as you drive through downtown Carlsbad. I fell in love with the cliffs at Terramar. It was an escape from our past, and the chance for a new beginning.

But we must walk away from this place. In a sort of bittersweet ending, we are going back to Salt Lake City. It's a necessary change, and one that opens the door to many wonderful opportunities. It's a good change, but I can't help but feel sad.

As the rain pours outside my window, I know that in one week I may never experience this again. Sure, I'll come visit, but this place has become a home. When I return, I'll simply be a tourist on vacation.

Cheers, North County. It's been a blast.