Mar '17


The Story I Heard

"There are three stages in one's spiritual development," says the master.

A disciple, eager to learn, asks, "What is the first stage?"

"One sees the trees for the trees, the mountains for the mountains."

The disciple nods, then asks, "And the second?"

"One sees past the trees, and past the mountains, and sees the spiritual energy in all things."

The disciple creases her brow, silent for several minutes. Finally, she asks, "What of the last stage?"

"Oh," the master says with a small chuckle, "the trees become trees again, and the mountains become mountains."

Small Revelations

I was told this story by a close friend, and it made me consider a new perspective. Sometimes, we get caught up in search of some intangible, unknowable understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. Perhaps it is not so complicated. Maybe the truth is that of accepting that we are, and that we are ever changing. Perhaps that's what really matters.



Tamreen Khan

I like this story it is a good story